" We are providing switching infrastructure for your peering with other members"

Our POPs:

Yangon POP : True IDC, Ground Floor, Building 17, MICT Park, Yangon, Myanmar.

Mandalay POP: Ocean Wave Communication Data Center, Corner of 64th & Shwe Bo street, between 37th & 38th streets, Maha Aung Myae Township, Mandalay, Myanmar

Peering Service

Public Peering
Members can connect to MMIX using one or more physical connections and reach many other peers on the peering fabric, thus optimizing the cost per peer when exchanging traffic between different networks. Ports available are 1G,10G and 40G for traffic exchange.

Private Peering
Members can choose to establish private peering among themselves via a dedicated VLAN over MMIX infrastructure. MMIX does not assign IP addresses in the private peering VLAN and prohibits multiple MAC addresses on the port.

Route Server

MMIX operates 2 route-servers (RS). Once peered with the RS, there is no need to maintain multiple BGP sessions with other members.
Please note the followings when peering with RS

  • Removes private ASN in the prefix advertisement.
  • Prefixes stated in RFC 1918 should be removed.
  • Disables check on first-ASN. This may be applicable to Huawei (“undo check-first-as”) and Cisco equipment (“no bgp enforce-first-as”)
  • Accepts a maximum of 200 prefixes by default in RS.


  • Members are advised to peer with both of route servers.
  • Members can choose to establish or maintain bi-lateral peering arrangement with other members.
  • Members agree not to hold MMIX responsible for any impact on traffic flow due to policies request configured at RS by other members.

Colocation Services:

MMIX will not provide colocation services. Anyone who need colocation service and connection to IXP, there are 2 options.

  • Hosting at the Data Center where MMIX-POP is hosting and then get connection with IXP.
  • Hosting at any Data Center of MMIX members.

Service Level:

MMIX offers a monthly service level of 99.95% on peering port availability.
On fault escalation matters, please email to MMIX’s 24x7 helpdesk at noc@mm-ix.net for immediate assistance.